Best Diabetes Apps For Android 2023 Full Guide

Get the latest information about the Best Diabetes Apps For Android with complete details in 2023, for checking your health status
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Managing your body weight, blood glucose levels, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels has become a serious issue in adults. Mostly overaged people also face the problem of sugar levels and it leads to diabetes in the human body.

Our mobile phones have now become an important health-tracking tool. Even, we can even measure heartbeat, check yoga exercises, and improve our healthcare.

If you are looking to manage your sugar level, you can move toward mobile applications. With the help of these mobile applications, you can live a better life with good management.

I am sharing the list of trendy diabetes applications on mobile phones. Some paid applications are also present, I will give the details of each. Please read this fully to take advantage of the applications.

Best Diabetes Treatment Apps To Know


DilaTrend is the first recommendation of all professionals and a highly rated application on the Google Play Store. The users can enjoy the innovative interface and manage their glucose levels through it. You can also calculate calories and predict carbohydrate levels.

The greater advantage of DiabTrend is that it works without an internet connection. You can track records and integrate them with other mobile applications such as Google and Apple Fit. The application is user-friendly along with technical support.

Best Diabetes Apps For Android in Details

It means you can directly respond to the features and give suggestions about the app. DiabTrend also releases diabetes-friendly foods so you can check them every time.


The free-to-download mySugr is especially suggested by the National Healthcare System. Most of its followers belong to Germany. There are many nice features of mySugar as you can determine continuous blood glucose levels. It also comes with a bolus calculator and many advanced features.

mySugr has a customizable screen that helps you to regulate the app and manage other activities. Both standard and pro versions of mySugr are free. However, the Accu-Check features are paid for in this application. mySugr has a modified and better interface compared to other diabetes-tracking applications.

Glucose Buddy

Glucose buddy is available for both Android and iOS platforms. Users can check blood glucose, track exercise data, take diabetes education, and track meals & food, and carbohydrate intakes. It has a special reporting system by which you can print out reports and share them with other people via the Glucose Buddy application.

Plus, it also sets reminders for diabetes and other exercises. So, you can operate it according to your daily routine and fix a time for other activities. Glucose Buddy has both free and premium versions. The free version includes ads while ads are completely blocked in the Subscription.

Diabetes: M

Diabetes M is the most popular medical application which helps the patient to regularly check and control diabetes in a unique way. It doesn’t matter whether you are suffering from gestational diabetes, type 1, or, type 2, this application will give you a proper report and graph. Moreover, you can also share the diabetes report with your doctor via email.

You can get an accurate report of carbohydrates, insulin input, blood sugar levels, and many more. Another amazing advantage is that the patient can get a perfect nutritional plan, food recommendations, and workout elements. Various advanced tools and medical technology allows users to fairly monitor sugar and blood level without any interruption.


If you want to check the calories and nutritional power of your diet, then Fooducate is the best choice for you. You simply need to scan the barcode of your desired food and it will show the energy in calories automatically.

Moreover, you can scan more than 350,000 foods without any interruption. The energy power of your food will be presented in various grades including A, B, C, and, D.

Feel free to understand the whole nutritional mechanism and energy demand of your body intelligently. Additionally, various food combinations and recommendations are developed to control weight. That’s why the user can lose or gain weight easily.

However, if you want results in the least possible time, then you need to put all the necessary information like age, gender, symptoms, goals, daily life activities, and many more.


Undoubtedly, Diasend is the world’s most recommended and trustable Diabetes data management application where you can trace your sugar and diabetes levels. It allows the user to connect various insulin pumps, glucose meters, CGMs pens, and many more.

In addition, you can upload previous data and information from the clinic to this device and get fine results.

Furthermore, feel free to trace the nutritional power of your food resources and get proper medications now. It will help you to control your sugar as well as food demand instantly.

Best Diabetes Apps

You can connect this application with many blood glucose monitoring devices through Bluetooth pairing, cable, and infrared. Surely, you will not get disappointed by the sugar blood results of this application.

Bluestar Diabetes

Last but not least, Bluestar diabetes is an award-winning and FDA-clear android application that allows users to access 25,000 tailored messages to achieve their workout goals. In the latest updated version, you can explore fine tools to measure your blood pressure, weight, sugar level, and many more.

Additionally, the user can unlock pre-planned healthy meals, and lifestyle tips for free. The user can customize the nutritional demand with simple touch controls.

In addition, our expert developers have created an interactive interface that allows users to share the report with the healthcare manager as well as friends. Don’t forget to set customizable reminders to not miss a single dose.


Can I monitor my sugar level on android?

Sure. you can trace your sugar & diabetes levels on your smartphone.

Which is the most trustable diabetes app now?

Bluestar diabetes is a well-known diabetes application.

Can I trust the results & reports of these apps?

Yes, these applications are trustable and give 100% accurate results.

Overall Summary

Now you can turn your smartphone into personal healthcare because advanced medical technology has made it possible. That’s why you can check your blood glucose & diabetes level anytime, anywhere. However, there are many diabetes monitoring applications on the google play store, we always recommend reliable applications.

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