Food Fighter Clicker Mod Apk v1.131 (Unlimited Gems)

Food Fighter Clicker Mod Apk with free food items and unlimited goals is a food challenge game where you have to eat the food in a specific time by clicking on it.
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Eating food is necessary for our health, it gives us energy to work, do a lot of activities, and maintain the daily routine. In our normal routine, we eat 2-3 times but some people are passionate about eating food all day. They can challenge other players and break the records of worldwide players. You have seen many food challenges on the internet, the game food fighter clicker mod apk is just like the food challenges. The game is developed on the idea of Mukbang. While Mukbang is a popular TV show where the hosts challenge the audience in food competitions.

If you are a food lover like me, you should download this idle clicker game and eat the given food at a specific time. No one will stop you from eating anything. Instead, your power and abilities increase as eat more foods and compete for incredible food challenges. The game is simple but some challenges are tough and complicated as well. So, get ready for the twists and turns of the gameplay. Work hard to achieve your goals and improve your skills in this interesting game.

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Exciting Gameplay Of Food Fighter Clicker Mod Apk

The gameplay of the food fighter clicker will make you laugh because it has many entertaining activities related to food. Children will also enjoy the gameplay and eat as much as they can. The levels in food fighter clicker mod apk 2023 become tough at the end. Many factors will stop you from eating, and the player’s task is to avoid them and master the gameplay. Your mission is to use your eating abilities and finish the foods in a specific time. Many people of Korea love the Mukbang gameplay in this simplistic game and strengthen their eating abilities.

food fighter clicker hack

As a newbie, the player will eat non-stop and complete the challenge. By eating more food and using abilities, you can easily pass the levels. Simply, tap on the screen to eat food and achieve the main objectives. In this mukbang game-food fighter clicker apk, you can eat your favorite dishes like Fries, Chocolate Cakes, burgers, boiled eggs, pizza, fruits, or any other food items. Some dishes will give the highest scores as compared to others, so check the score of every food before eating. The main objective is to become the strongest food fighter and upgrade the abilities of the player.

Extended Features Of Food Fighter Clicker Mod Apk

Free Food Items

The game includes a variety of foods but you have no access to all foods. Sometimes, you want to eat your favorite food like pizza but it is not available at that time. The MOD version has all foods that you want to eating. You can taste your favorite dish as well as complete challenges. When you focus on the gameplay, you can win tough challenges and get extraordinary rewards.

food fighter clicker mod apk free shopping

Unlimited Golds

The simplest way to earn money is through food challenges. However, you can also get diamonds when you watch the advertisements in the game. As players don’t have much time for the gameplay, they can equip food fighter clicker mod apk unlimited gems for getting everything infinite. They don’t need to complete the hardest challenges and strive again & again for money.

food fighter clicker mod apk unlimited diamond

Intuitive Interface And Colorful Design

Food fighter clicker is a weird but funny game that comes with intuitive interface & varied challenges. The game food fighter clicker mod apk mirror is only created for fun & relaxation purposes, so there are no specific obstacles. You can organize many foods on the table, eat them fastly, and immerse in the gluttony of the food fighter clicker. The interface resembles the cooking channel background where posters of different food items are impregnated in the background.

food fighter clicker mod apk unlocked everything

Keep Upgrading Your Abilities

Not every time your character feels hungry but appetite is also necessary for your success. For this, you must upgrade your ability of eating. The main abilities that players should need to upgrade are;

Eating Speed

Speed is the utmost factor that determines the stuff you take into your mouth. If your speed is slow, you cannot win even simple competitions. So, tap, tap, and tap again to eat more foods and increase your speed.

Chewing Power

While you are taking multiple foods at the same time, your chewing power determines how fast can you swallow the food. You can also upgrade the factor in the food fighter clicker mod apk free shopping without any cost. All the abilities are necessary for the game.

Stomach Size

In this Mukbang game, the stomach size is the most critical point to be noted. Larger the size of your stomach, the more you can eat food and get extra cash. Even when you have a small amount of money, you should upgrade your stomach size first.

Mouth Size

It seems to be funny but the size of the mouth matters a lot. If you have a bigger mouth, you can eat much of the food of bulky size. Hence, there are chances of winning more money when you eat bulky foods.

Collect Unique Elements And Items

Aside from main food items, you can get unique elements like dining tables, furniture, chairs, unique food items from other areas, and many others. With food fighter clicker mod apk unlimited coins, you can collect all rare elements and upgrade the game. Each element is unique and allows the player to enjoy better gameplay. Work on your upgrades and give tough time to other gamers.


In food fighter clicker mod apk, you have to eat non-stop to accomplish the tasks of food fighter and break the records of top players. The player starts his career as a food lover who wants to taste every food of the game. Not stopping there, gamers can boost up their skills and enjoy the gameplay with more speed. Strenghthen your jaw muscle, chewing power, stomach, and digestion abiliites by spending your money. When you feel your tummy is full, you can go to toilet and come back with new apetite. You are the ultimate food fighter of the amazing world. you can download food fighter clicker original version on play store page.


Q. How many meals the food fighter can eat in the game?

The player can eat 4 to 7 meals per day in the food fighter clicker mod apk.


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