How To Transfer Data From Huawei To iPhone

Well, here in this post We will share the two different companies' mobile such as how to transfer data from Huawei To iPhone and get the complete details
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Nowadays many new smartphones such as iphone 12, 13 & 14 are launched in the market. That is why most people have upgraded their smartphones and purchased iPhones. But the problem is that many users face problems in transferring data from their existing Huawei to their iPhone.

However, they can not waste their confidential data files because they are very important. Don’t get disappointed about this matter because we have a great solution for you.

Although there are different ways to transfer data from one device to another it becomes a little bit difficult for iPhone users. We are presenting the most effective methods by which you can move your private data such as media files, photos, videos, and zip files from one device to iPhone 12,13,14.

However, it doesn’t matter whether you are transferring data to the iPhone 12, 13, or 14, it all looks quite workable. You can transfer a considerable amount of data with ease.

Multiple Effective Ways

If you are looking forward to the best data transferring methods, then stay connected with this article and read this article thoroughly.

Method 1: Transfer Data Via Move To Ios

The first and most effective method is to download and install the Move To Ios application on the old Huawei phone from the google play store. Basically, this app is published by Apple because they consider the challenges that the user faces during transferring data.

How To Transfer Data From Huawei To iPhone

If you are switching data from an old Huawei to a brand-new iPhone, then this method is perfect for you. Meanwhile, keep one thing in mind, both devices must be connected with a stable internet connection.

Follow some cool steps while transferring data:

  • First of all, download the move to ios application from the play store and turn your iPhone on. Now press the move data from the android button as a first step
  • Now grant permission and agree to various terms & conditions and click the continue button
  • Soon a unique password will appear on the screen of your iPhone. You need to put this password on the old Huawei phone
  • Your devices will get connected with each other and now you can choose the data that you want to transfer
  • Wait for a few minutes and your all confidential data will be transferred from huawei to your iphone successfully
  • Don’t worry this method works hundred percent for all iPhones, you can move countless amounts of data from one device to another. However, be careful, your iphone must be brand new or you need to go to the factory reset option.

Method 2: Transfer From Huawei To iPhone Via Google Sync

Usually, most players are not satisfied with the previous method, you can use the Google Sync Method and easily transfer data files. Basically, this is a goggles online synchronization and the backup mechanism by which users can possibly migrate their data.

It allows the users to synchronize calendars, contacts, and emails on their old huawei to a brand-new iphone. You can use various synchronization technologies to complete certain goals.

Meanwhile, you need to follow these synchronization steps to use this method:

  • Firstly, install the google photos app on your phone
  • Simply sign in with your Google account
  • In the top right corner, click on your profile picture
  • Now choose pictures from the setting and press the sync & backup button
  • You need to log in to your iPhone google account
  • Then install the synchronization data from your device

Method 3: Transfer Data From Huawei To iPhone Through iCareFone

Undoubtedly, both these methods are good but you can try out another fantastic method to switch data from Haweui to iPhone. However, users need to understand various certain rules to utilize this tool perfectly. You are free to migrate high-quality files by using iCareFone software that works extremely fastly on devices.

How To Transfer Data From Huawei To iPhone

Moreover, this software is specially designed to share WhatsApp data without losing a single file. No doubt, that is an extremely good method to safely share Whatsapp chats as well as messages. However, read the following steps before transferring data:

  • You have to download this software from the official website on your desktop and then install it immediately
  • Launch the iCareFone software on your WhatsApp successfully
  • Choose the certain files & chats that you want to restore
  • Meanwhile, it’s necessary to verify your source
  • Your verification process gets completed and your target data will be transferred to another device.

In the last step, you have to wait for WhatsApp transfer from Huawei to iphone. When it gets completed, the user can get all the chats on the iphone.


Can I send my WhatsApp data to my iPhone?

Of course, users can share their WhatsApp data easily.

Which method is best for data sharing?

Recently, iCloud backup is the best method to share data.

Which kind of data can I transfer from huawei to iPhone?

You are free to migrate messages, pictures, videos, documents, and even phone call history from huawei to iphone effortlessly.

Bottom Line

Friends, we have described the most appropriate and trustable methods by which you can send all sorts of data & files from Huawei to your iPhone. I am damn sure, these methods will work and you will never lose a single picture. Furthermore, if you find any problem or hesitation, you can contact our professional developers through email. Hopefully, you will get the answers to your queries.

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