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In proud father apk game you will be a father and you have to take a right decision with you gorgeous daughter to complete the missions.
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In adulthood, every teenager wants to watch romantic movies and play exclusive games for instant pleasure and entertainment. Although hundreds of romantic games are available but unfortunately, no game is very popular and attractive. In order to fix that problem, our expert developers have launched a superb game where teenagers can find their favorite content effortlessly. Just download the Proud Father Apk on your phone and start exploring a new adventure on your smartphone without spending a single dollar. So what are you waiting for? Just plunge in!

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Interesting Storyline

This game presents a simple yet addictive gameplay that allows enthusiasts to get addicted to the game and approach 18+ content in its highest quality. In this game, players will enter a virtual world where they can discover various anime characters and start a new journey. First of all, players have to select the main character which contains some extraordinary qualities. However, it all depends on your personality and selection whether you want to become an innocent or a Playboy.

proud father apk v14 download

It’s a mind-blowing opportunity to transform yourself into a responsible father and experience real-life problems in a virtual world. Feel free to choose your life partner of different ages and begin your personal life in the proud father game. After getting some kids, enthusiasts have to take care of their wives as well as children and complete their daily life accessories easily. Don’t forget to admit your kids into primary schools and then colleges to well educate them & build a strong base for them.

Meanwhile, the death of your beloved life partner was a horrible scene and you have passed almost 4 years of loneliness. Now your younger daughter is mature enough to support you in making daily life decisions and provide a bit of relaxation. However, this is a golden chance to start a romance with your daughter because she is extremely gorgeous and has the ability to produce children. Meanwhile, it depends on your mentality & choices whether you want to start a romantic relationship or not!

Popular Features of The Proud Father Apk

Unlocked Full Audition

In the free version, enthusiasts can not approach the romantic and exclusive scenes. On the other hand, the premium subscription demands a massive amount of real money to unlock hidden scenes, tools, characters, clothes, and features. Meanwhile, not everyone can afford these premium expenses and in the end, stop playing the game. Don’t get worried about this condition, just download the proud father visual novel and approach the premium content for free.

Blocked Advertisements

Another advantage of the hacked version is that you do not have to watch annoying screen advertisements because our expert developers have blocked ads. Usually, enthusiasts have to watch Google advertisements because they are pre-designed and no one can alter them. Not stopping there, when players complete higher missions, they have to watch a 30-second video in the official version which breaks the entertainment. Get relaxed and download the proud father f95 because no single ad is avaible on this game!

proud father game online

Plenty of Fantastic Characters

This is the most interesting feature that unlimited characters are offered in the latest version. You can switch between male and female characters and enjoy their beautiful appearances without any struggle. Furthermore, players have a brand new opportunity to customize their character and maintain their dress according to their desires. However, a huge collection of wonderful outfits, shoes, and decorative accessories are launched in the proud father game download which allows players to boost their gaming experience comfortably.

Take Care of Your Kids

No doubt, your wife has passed away but it’s your main responsibility to grow your kids and take care of their basic needs. Behave like a real father and provide a good environment to raise your daughters carefully. For instance, It’s the player’s main duty to provide their kids with healthy food, lifestyle, and proper entertainment. Moreover, when they become mature, you can start a relationship with them.

Enjoy Romantic Scenes

In traditional games, romantic scenes are private and players have to complete various tasks and challenges to unlock them. But in the proud father update, enthusiasts can discover all the hidden scenes and approach romantic content without any hesitation. Simply select your beloved anime character and watch romance content for free. Moreover, you are free to date with your daughter, niece, beautiful women, and even guys which is extremely amazing. Later, you can convince them to start a romantic adventure at night!

Decide Your Pathway

This game is straightforward and no strategy is required to complete missions. You can lead your game with your own decisions. Like players are given many choices, they can select a specific condition and proceed with the game. If you make the right decision in the Proud Father walkthrough, you can experience a good life without struggle. On the other hand, if a player makes bad decisions, they have to face various hurdles. That is why be clever and smart in making decisions.

Some Additional Features

  • This game has a mind-blowing storyline which allows players to get addicted for unlimited time and play the game continuously.
  • In the proud father mod apk players can interact with online players and enjoy a new gaming experience for free.
  • This game looks realistic because players can wander around cities and purchase various accessories for their kids.


Proud Father Apk is a fantastic game that is the best combination of heartbreaking stories and exclusive romantic scenes. You can face various family problems and then experience a fantastic love story with different ladies who are really gorgeous. Moreover, players can act as good fathers, brothers, uncles, and step-fathers which is extremely wonderful for adults. There are no restrictions, you can do everything you want!


Q: Can I play this game on Android phones?

Sure, you can download and enjoy this game on an Android phone which is amazing.

Q: How can I become a great father?

Just complete the daily requirements of your daughter and provide a standard living condition. It makes you better than other parents.

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