Best Makeover Games For Android 2023 [TOP 8]

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Dress-up and fashion games are quite popular nowadays. The games can improve your skills, enhance your designing skills and allow you to create trending outfits on your mobile. Most fashion and makeover games belong to the simulation category, so they are mostly loved by adults and kids as well.

Moreover, there are no special challenges or missions in the games so we can freely work and sharpen our creativity with the games. In this context, I will tell you about the best makeover games for android. Now, you can learn about trending outfits, and do makeup for beautiful faces.

It is the dream of every girl to look charming and attractive. However, it is not easy to learn makeup or to choose the best dresses that can give you a fabulous look. The games will help you to create outstanding dresses as well as learn about makeup basics. So, completely read the article to find an amazing application for you.

Best Makeover Games 2023

Top Makeover Games For Android

Love Nikki

After covet fashion and music idol games, love Nikki is considered the most lovely makeover game. With appealing graphics and stunning models, the game includes many fabric textures. Makeover fans will start their journey as a supermodel trying to develop a salon. It is free to download and play, and widely available on app stores.

Love Nikki features japan anime characters and cartoons. There is a huge collection of polygons and decor models. You will need to fulfill the requirements of customers.

My First Makeover: Beauty Game

In this beauty game, you will run a salon where different clients will take appointments from you. Many hairstyles and outfits are present and you have to select for the party, wedding, or bridal makeup.

Moreover, you can decorate your salon, add new services, and solve interesting puzzles. It is one of the few games that are extremely popular on the app store.

To give your bridal the best look, you can try different costumes, jewelry, and hairstyles. You will earn costumes based on the rating of the customers. The game is built in a unique style to entertain players.

Fabulous Series

Meet a fabulous character Angela who is a famous dress designer. Players can design unique dresses or buy fancy dresses from the store. More than 80 levels are available to enjoy.

Follow the story of Angela as she loves to design dresses for events and fashion shows. You can also sell dresses and earn profits. Moreover, special customers can give you more advantages and bigger rewards.
The gameplay is saved when you pause or resume the game. Moreover, it is ideal for children because they will find great entertainment here.

Covet Fashion

The most popular and distinct game on android is covet fashion. You will play the role of a brand designer who creates special outfits and Calvin Kelin dresses. The character attends the fashion contests and meets other players. Covet fashion is a new world of dresses where you will find a lot of stuff.

Your score depends on the styles that you modify for a dress and make it trend. You can also use makeup brushes for makeovers and develop stylish models. There are many glamorous events and contests to take part in.

Fashion Nation

Fashion nation looks like Covet Fashion but it has unique gameplay and differs from other fashion games. You can start a business clothing or dress up your character according to the party. The training section is also available in the game in which you can play against other competitors and win coins.

Best Makeover Games Complete Guide

There is no need to worry about the game currency as it remains full throughout the game. Also, the reward system is good and it also provides exclusive prizes to its fans.

Fashion nation allows you to express yourself and become a top model in the universe. You can also open an international boutique and earn a lot of profits.

Pitz Maker

Pitz maker is different from other makeover games. You will need to build everything from scratch. The game includes the anime Japanese characters that need to be dressed up. You can change the faces of male characters and add them to your creation. Although it is not a dress-up game, I am sure, you will get a very decent experience from this game.

Makeup Kit

The makeup kit is specially designed for makeup lovers. The young girl develops her own makeup kit and mixes different colors to get a unique combination. For example, you can mix different natural products to make lipstick and apply it to your model.

The character will make her beauty salon more impressive with new makeup products like face powders, foundation, eyeliners, and nail polishes.

Project Makeover

The game project makeover is like a story where you will follow the story of a sad girl completely disappointed in her life. Then a salon owner takes her to the salon and changes her life.

You can do many things to inspire the main character as your mission is to bring happiness to the life of a sad girl. The game has a positive rating on the Google Play Store and receives a lot of motivational comments from the players.

Best Makeover Games For PC

Final Thoughts

I hope you have gotten enough about the best makeover games for android. Whether you want to become a stylist or fashion designer, you can find your favorite game in this guide. For adults, project makeovers and perfect makeup 3D are the best choices. Every game is proficient and designed perfectly to give an excellent experience.

So, which is your favorite game in your spare time? Don’t forget to describe us in the comment section. Moreover, if you are looking for other makeover games then Candy makeup beauty salon, Fashion Show, Glamm’d, Suitsme, Pretty Berrilena, and Barbie Fashion Closet are the perfect choices.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which is the best online makeover game for adults?

Project makeover and covet fashion are the best makeover games for android. These games are suitable for kids as well as young players.

Is the Super Stylist game suitable for kids?

Yes, a super stylist game is good for children.

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