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Heart Problems Apk is an adult game where you will be in a realtionship and have to complete a lot of stories.
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Our actual life is full of troubles and worries, people are trying to satisfy their partners in any way. The game lovers play adult games to gain some experience before diving into a relationship. While other people play for fun and entertainment in their lives. Among a few of the most interesting games, Heart Problems apk is a delightful adult game with separate themes and an engaging storyline. Each chapter consists of different difficulties and events so you can get a wonderful experience from the game. In this virtual world, you can change the happenings as well as the climax of your story. So, prepare yourself for a fantastic adventure!

The game reflects a role model of yourself and who you want to become in real life. Moreover, it brings many emotional and moral lessons for you. Despite all the difficulties, the players will enjoy their journey in the game. In heart problems new update, there is no end, you can delve into multiple stories and interact with a lot of characters. Players should also read the dialogues and captions to move forward in the story. Also, update your game with the latest version to get engaged with new seasons and characters.

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How To Play Heart Problems Apk

Heart Problems apk is a role-playing game inspired by a romantic novel. You will play an Ikor who is facing many problems in his life. He has no house but his uncle takes care of him. The tragic story of Ikor in the heart problems game online will melt your heart. Meanwhile, his girlfriend leaves him during the difficult times but still, he dares to change his life and give a good reply to its haters. You can help your character to develop a good reputation and fame in the virtual world.

heart problems apk mod

Likewise, you can freely spend your life, go to clubs with your friends, have sex with beautiful characters, and build a family. Other activities of this story are closely related to the human life. The game focuses on building new relationships. After downloading the heart problems game, you will choose the path and characters of your family. You have a chance to play the game with your buddies and understand the scenarios.

Moreover, the controls are fully compatible with both old and new devices. It is easy to control your character with a mouse or joystick. In addition, you can also external keyboard to choose something for your character. The melodious sounds of songs and lyrics will simulate the love feelings. Enjoy the sweet musical lines of famous poets, they will make you addicted to heart problems adult game.

Key Features Of Heart Problems APK

Complete Your Story In Chapters

The story of heart problems is completed in various chapters and levels. Approximately, the story has 7 chapters. The first two chapters are related to your hospital and issues. While, in the middle three chapters, you will make new friends and develop relationships. The last two chapters are related to your decisions and ending. Furthermore, you can break marriages and finish the gameplay with the right decisions.

The ultimate fun of heart problems lies in the heart problems mod apk. Here, you will uncover the complete story with its chapters and unlock all characters. In this way, you can finish the story quickly.

Play With Different Anime Characters

The main character of this story is Ikor but there are many characters related to this story. Ikor and his family (uncle & aunt) live in a populated community. His mother has left him because of unknown reasons. So, he begins to interact with other characters to elevate his worries. Each character of the heart problem game download represents a different story. You can follow any character and use its skills to take different advantages.

heart problems game online

Formidable Adult Scenes

Heart Problems apk is full of adult scenes. In the beginning, only a few scenes are unlocked but as the story continues, different scenes are unlocked. Moreover, users can discover different traditions and cultures. All scenes of the game are unlocked in Heart Problems Chapter 7. However, the alternate versions provide a fully unlocked game with all scenes and dialogues.

Face Problematic Situations Bravely

Although heart problems are full of troubles and tension, there are many funny scenes in it. The players should solve the problems actively and geared up for unpredicted moments. The heart problems game update adds new twists and tasks. You have to complete the tasks and wait for perfect opportunities. Take care of your family and friends, these factors will give you some power.

Stunning Background And Natural Look

The graphics of this game are designed with proficiency and smoothness. Specifically, the plot of this game looks natural with its backgrounds. The game reverses the actual life of humans beautifully. You can also enjoy captivating effects and classic 2D graphics in each story. Moreover, the developers added a large number of locations in this game. Users can comfortably go to different areas and places in heart problem walkthrough.

No Promotions Or Banners

No promotions or advertisements are available in the recent version of heart problems. While, in any games, you have observed third-party advertisements that will disrupt the pleasing environment. Unfortunately, you cannot stop the running advertisements on your mobile screen. So, Heart Problem’s latest version is a better choice for all users which stops all advertisements.


Heart problems apk will reveal how to build great relationships and tackle your daily life problems. It has a lot of interesting chapters and stories behind every character. The players have greatly appreciated the scenes and interesting stories of the game. Some rare moments will also happen in your life, so get ready for them too.

Furthermore, the game is available for offline use. You will play offline after downloading the maps and locations of your story. Apart from plenty of locations, the game does not become heavy for any device. Indeed, heart problems is a perfect game to enjoy in your spare time.


Q. Is a heart problems game suitable for the players of age 15?

No, the game has nude and dirty scenes so it is not considered a good game for age 15 people.

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