Top 10 Board Games For Android (Complete Guide)

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We play different physical board games at our homes. The good thing is that many digital board games are available on the app store. Today, we will focus on the classic & most popular games. You can also invite your friends and play board games as well.

Ranging from Monopoly to the Pandemic-the most modern board game, there are plenty of games that you will find on AI Factory Limited. I am sure you will find your favorite board game in these famous games.

Moreover, you can read the description of these games and get a short overview. Keep on reading if you are interested in games.

Most Renowned Board Games


Armello is a combination of strategic board games and card gaming elements. The game is wrapped in a fantasy RPG storyline, and the gameplay is similar to the Game Of Thrones. You will play the role of a brave warrior whose mission is to become the King or Queen of Armello.

Explore the lands, hire the agents, and obliterate the foes. Take the throne and show your dominance in the game. The art style and animations are also gorgeous. Many things should be updated in the game. For example, gamers have reported bugs, and the matches are too lengthy.

Carcas Sonne

Carcassonne is the 2nd classic board game developed by Asmodee Digital. The latest version is much better than the original version. It is like a construction game where the players build cloisters, roads, and cities. You will drop “meeples” to claim points. The game also offers six expansions available in the form of in-app purchases.

These expansions add landscape embellishments, new elements, and methods to increase in-game points. However, most players don’t choose these expansions. You will face four opponents; a builder, a conqueror, a focused player, and an aggressive opponent.


As the name indicates, the pandemic game is related to the global pandemic. Your mission is to develop remedies, and you will lose if you have limited cards. Rather than beating your opponents, cooperate with other players and save the human race.

A total of four diseases are spreading throughout the universe, and you will collect herbs and beneficial roots to escape from disasters. First, curate the scientist, build a quarantine to stop the flow, and find the best cure. You can also choose difficulty levels, and pick Heroic or Legendary mode for playing.

The Castles Of Burgundy

The castles of burgundy is a soothing game having simple gameplay and well-designed graphics. You will take the role of a French aristocrat, and build mines and settlements. Each time, the players will play five rounds with five turns. And to win, you must earn coins and defeat other players.

It is a complex game but includes a lot of fun. Make use of additional moves or actions to make buildings. You can also interact with other participants, and try to solve the complexes. Watch the tutorial to get details about the requirements. If you want to play boarding games, The castles of burgundy is a worthy game.

The Game Of Life

It holds a noteworthy position in the hearts of board game lovers. You will experience different stages of life, like building a career, marrying a girl, having kids, and buying a villa. The game also includes minigames to make it more engaging. Players with greater wealth will be the winner.

Top 10 Board Games For Android

The simple concept is a great choice for families and kids. You can explore new locations, construct your house, and live a luxurious lifestyle. There are some glitches, and bugs that have been reported. You will also need to make plans, and think before you move.

Mahjong Epic

Mahjong is not easy to understand, and most players get confused in this game. It is funny as well as challenging at higher levels. Players need to match the two identical tiles and clear off from the boards. Your mission is to clear the boards from tiles and earn exclusive rewards.

You will get more points when you clear the board in a given time. Over 18,000 boards are present in the game, and the game has 1080p graphics. Enjoy different backgrounds, tiles sets, daily challenges, and in-game quests.

Ticket To Ride

Ticket to ride is an adventurous game, and one of the old games that appear on androids. You can try it on androids as well as PC. It comes with accessible rules and rewarding gameplay. You will travel to different countries from Europe to India. Encounter obstacles, unlock extra perks, and take over different routes.

Galaxy Trucker

Galaxy trucker will take you on a space adventure where you can build your ships. And most importantly, you will export ships in space. The game also features turn-based and challenging modes. Of course, you have to face difficulties like pirates, smugglers, and meteors.

The player with the most credits in the game will get the victory. You can also play with local friends and show off your skills. The game is available on the google play store and other popular sites.


Chess is the most ancient board game and all of us know about chess game. The rules are somewhat different. You can search for online players, and play with them. Learn chess lessons first and play mini-challenges to win the game. You will choose from 2D to 3D game modes.

It has straightforward gameplay and nice graphics. For more practice, you can select from 12 difficulties. Check the review game mode to improve your skills.


Tokaido is a tabletop game that includes a lot of amusement and relaxation. You will focus on collecting stuff and moving from Kyoto to Ado. Try beautiful landscapes, and new dishes, and participate in other activities. To make it more satisfying, you will find hidden marvels and treasures. Everything is simple, and it is a great game for your friends. You must try the Tokaido game.

Last Thoughts

In this digital age, the internet has overtaken the world. Just like information and news have spread in the world board games have also taken a major place on the internet. And nothing beats the experience of playing a board game with your friends.

I have briefly described the Top 10 Board Games For Android These board games are very popular and are loved by millions of people. In particular, Armello and Carcassonne are the best board games, you will find on the internet. And if you find any problem in installing it, kindly express your thoughts in the comment section.


What is the purpose of board games?

Board games offer opportunities for early learning. Even simple games give great happiness.

Where to download these types of games?

You can download from the various online platform, and also from this brand site Apkclassy, easily download.


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