Best Apps For Learning Skateboard On Android

Here, the best apps for learning skateboard on android will help you to be a master of skating without even joining a skating academy.
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Skating is the dream of many people but 90% of skateboard enthusiasts can’t learn to skate because they need help finding the right direction. However, most players join academies and practice sessions to learn skating immediately. But it costs a lot for a standard range of people. Meanwhile, in this modern age, you don’t need to join a skating academy because hundreds of skating learning videos and apps are available on the internet and you can learn it easily.

Whenever you scroll down the app store, you can discover thousands of skating learning applications but you can’t decide which application is perfect. It’s true that all applications are not hundred percent efficient and workable but still, you can explore many functional apps. Our well-experienced developers have eliminated many skating learning applications that will help a new player to learn skating within a few days. No hard effort is needed, you can learn everything step by step.

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Top Rated Skateboard Learning Apps

No doubt, our expert developers have tested these applications first and then categorised them in a list. Meanwhile, some famous skateboard learning applications are mentioned below here:


Whenever you are looking for the best skateboard learning applications on the app store, Riders is the best skateboard app game that comes to the top of the list. This app has multi-functional tasks and features that allow players to learn more than 15 sports actions. Some sports actions are BMX, skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding, and many more. Furthermore, the player can explore 2500+ active tricks and tips to learn many actions without wasting precious time.

skateboard app game

Grab a fantastic opportunity to meet with the local community and check your progress daily. About 80,000 online players and skateboard riders have joined this platform and gotten knowledge for free. Moreover, an interesting video tutorial facilitates users to instantly learn skating and repeat the same activity that they watch in the video. Video tutorials also help to learn difficult and complex moves effortlessly. In addition, a smart AI system allows and recommends a suitable learning plan to users on the basis of a workout schedule.

Skate Tricks

It is one of the best skateboard learning applications that have straightforward interfaces and instructions. The major property of this app is that you can discover a large number of fantastic and workable tricks to learn skateboarding. Moreover, get an incredible chance to learn various skating tricks in different categories such as slide, flat, grind, ramp, grab, old school, and many more. It becomes easier to learn these tricks because slow-motion videos help the users to become skateboard masters within a few days.

skateboarding apps

In addition, you will start from basics and learn primary skating elements at the start, but with progress, you can unlock modules to discover new skating skills and methods. Overcome all skateboarding challenges and win many trophies in the skate world. The developer has also created many online competitions where you can compete with your friends and test your skating skills worldwide. However, the players may face some problems in unlocking premium features because they demand a high amount of cash and real money.

Mike V: Skateboard Party

It is the most common and action-packed skate learning application where the player can enter a skatepark and perform unlimited stunts without any limitations. Just grab your favourite skateboard and start your adventurous journey in the skating world and become a skate master within no time. Moreover, there is a mission and challenge system, so finish all challenges and missions with great effort and beat online opponents immediately. At the same time, the user can join the practice session and improve his skating skills for free.

learn to skateboard app

In addition, many achievement points are also available by which you can unlock brand-new locations and skating venues. There is a large collection of 8 different skateboard characters in the best skateboard games for android and each character has a special outfit, skating skills, and energy. You can also upgrade and customise your skating skills from the shop and enhance your skating experience with many exclusive moves and combos. Unlock rare and special moves and surprise your buddies and opponents in your online career mode. Is it not amazing?

Skate Designer

If you are passionate about skating and want to create wonderful skates on your android phone, then Skate Designer is a good option for you. Show off your crafting skills and create many skates on the basis of your knowledge and experience. First of all, you have to select the design and model of your skate and then start editing immediately.

best skateboard games for android

Moreover, the player can insert many emojis, stickers, photos, and paints on the skate and make it more attractive. Not stopping there, you are free to add different fonts and textures to the skate and show the custom skate to your friends in exhibitions. In addition, you can unlock new crafting tools and equipment to customise your skate beautifully.

Besides this, three exciting modes such as career mode, custom mode, and freestyle mode are added to produce fun and enjoyment in the game. Select your lovely character and skateboard before starting the mode and perform many stunts without any hassle. Moreover, explore many locations and skateparks for the best skateboard games for iphone and boost your skating experience.


Q: Is skating legal or not?

Of course, skating is legal until you follow the rules and regulations.

Q: Which is the best learning skateboard app offline?

No doubt, Mike V is the best skateboard learning app without the internet.

Q: Is there any risk of trauma during skating?

Yes, you may face head injuries, wrist & knee fractures, and many more.

Q: Which app is compatible with android & Ios?

Riders app has the best compatibility with android & ios devices.

Closing Remarks

Obviously, these applications are very useful for skate lovers because they can watch recorded lectures anytime and start practising. Learn skating and improve your skating skills with the help of these applications and then participate in local competitions to show off your incredible skating skills. Moreover, all these apps contain funny and workable content that refreshes the mind of users and allows them to learn skating quickly.

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