7 Best Android Flashlight Apps

Here are the best android flashlight apps that are recommended by the experts to make your android phone flash more brighter.
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Remind your previous days when you carry heavy flashlights to find a certain object or to do any work. Android phones are taking people towards modesty. Now, you don’t have to use large batteries for any emergency because you have an Android smartphone in your pocket. It is beneficial at nighttime, when you want to take pictures in low light, or when you are finding important things in the darkness. The built-in torches have low brightness. Consequently, you have to move towards the option of third-party advertisement. In this article, you will discover the best android flashlight apps.

All smartphones have a built-in torch however, it is insufficient for your requirements. But these Android flashlight apps are very influential and easy to use. In many practical situations, you need a powerful flashlight with greater functionality and extra features. Only you have to give access to the camera to use the application. Undoubtedly, choosing the best flashlight app is not an easy task, some require a large number of permissions. While some applications have data security issues while using. Below is a list of dedicated flashlight apps with minimum permissions and additional features.

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Best Flashlight Apps That Suit Every Device

The Best Android Flashlight Apps 2023 that suit every device are;

Flashlight HD LED

The application with the greatest widget support is the flashlight HD LED. The app is free to use but it has an advertising drawback. The application will give you all that you need in a flashlight app. You will not find any more user-friendly application than the flashlight HD LED as it has a simple interface.

free flashlight app for android

The app has a flashlight feature on the home screen, so you can turn on the flashlight with a single tap. Furthermore, it has an LED flashlight feature which makes it a wonderful application compared to its competitors. The major drawback of this app is that it works on limited devices.

Flashlight By Ruddy Roster

Over than ten million people have downloaded this application because of its adjustable modes and simple flash lighting system. The developer has mentioned the permissions in the app, you should read them and then continue the application. The app is straightforward to use, you can use a flashlight as well as the LED feature of the app.

brightest flashlight app

The app contains pesky advertisements, so if you want to remove these ads, you should pay for the premium version, it’s not a big deal for the people who use the app on a daily basis. Flashlight by Ruddy Roster is one of the best Bright FlashLight Apps available on android. The app can sprinkle the flashlight in a variety of effects and colors.

Icon Torch-Flashlight

The simplest application with a minimal interface and better display. It is a unique application that has no settings and nothing to remember in it. Moreover, it has a single-color flashlight button that turns off and on only. You can simply use the application with basic operations.

best flashlight app for android without ads

Icon Torch is a free-to-use application with no advertising and removed in-app purchases. So, it is a great choice for people who are looking for a free and extremely simple application. You don’t have to give any permission to use the application. The shape and color of the flashlight are not changed in any update of the app.

Color Flashlight

Color Flashlight is one of the Best Android Flashlight Apps and a highly-rated app. The app uses your mobile screen or LED light to provide maximum brightness. It has tons of useful features but its interface is somewhat convoluted. The biggest advantages of a color flashlight are maximum brightness and a flashing strobe screen.

best flashlight app for android 2023

You can change the intensity of the light on the screen which is really a great feature of the application. Different lighting conditions and colors are available for the users to choose from. You can turn on multiple color effects in the application.

Flashlight: No Permissions

If you don’t want to give any permissions to any application, flashlight: no permissions is a perfect application for you. This application has ultra-bright illumination which can be adjusted with a single tap. In addition, the transparency of the application is a great feature that makes it unique.

Like most, it is a free application with no advertisement issue. Due to its minimum permissions, the app is downloaded by millions of people. Sometimes, the app requires only internet access to run on your device. However, this application has limited features for some devices.

Shake Flashlight

Have you heard about any flashlight application that works only by shaking the phone? Surely not, shake flashlight is a strange application from brightest flashlight app for Android where the torch gets on just by shaking. The application readily gives access to the menu and is considered the fastest application in the market.

The app may not turn the light by shaking the mobile once. So, you should go to the settings and increase the shake sensitivity of the app. Overall, it is a handy application that can quickly give you the desired results. The only permission that the app requires is camera access. As you grant camera access to the app, it starts working. In addition, the free app doesn’t have any adverts.

Other Choices:

All of these were top-rated applications on the Google Play Store with highly positive comments. Still, if any app is not available in your region or miss it due to some other reasons, other choices are;

  • Tiny Flashlight
  • Flashlight Free
  • Classic flashlight
  • Torch
  • Simple Flashlight+ Universe
  • High-powered Flashlight
  • Slim Gears Flashlight
  • Flashlight LED Genius

Final Verdicts

Androids have a built-in torch system which is effective and well-functional. However, some smartphones do not come with a powerful flashlight feature so you have to move towards the external apps on Google Play Store. Above the given apps were our top picks with a versatile design and based on modern technology.

Almost all apps are free and abundantly available on the Play Store. To be fair, some apps have premium versions and additional purchases to buy. However, you can browse for free apps and find the most suitable options for you.


Q. Which features are necessary for choosing the best flashlight app?

Reputable sources, minimal permissions, ad-block options, positive reviews, maintenance ability, and regular updates are some necessary features for choosing the best flashlight app.

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